Hi I’m Claire
The creative mind and founder behind Cirkiit !

Cirkiit is a lifestyle brand of Premium & breathable apparel and accessories. We also offer a high quality, Organic Cotton range, made from renewable, sustainable sources. We design and produce high quality products that are custom made to order and shipped internationally.
My aim is to enhance your fitness experience with eye catching, motivational apparel and accessories. Our messages are inspired by all the people who have discovered their passion for fitness and we aspire to keep motivating you towards your achieving your goals and working hard, no matter what those goals might be.

Cirkiit | motivational fitness apparels

So Where did it all begin ?

Cirkiit was born out of a journey to be at the top of my own physical fitness and more importantly, it is now there to inspire and motivate others towards leading a healthier lifestyle. The idea for Cirkiit began back in 2015 as I was just starting to realise the vast potential social media has as a means to reach a captive, international community of people all on a powerful, life changing journey towards reaching for the stars and achieving personal goals and dreams. Cirkiit is my way to connect with this community of people and join the revolution. I’m hoping Cirkiit can help me to inspire others, in the same way that others have inspired me.
Personally, I am a big fan of boot camp style fitness. An incredible high intensity and motivational environment to be in when you are surrounded by others in the same situation as you. You form a bond with those people and can leave each session with such a feeling of achievement in what you’ve  accomplished
Due to my work which has involved a lot of frequent travel, it’s not always possible to gain ad hoc access to a gym however with outdoor high intensity style fitness I found the club owners always very welcoming, friendly and flexible & so this became my lifestyle. It’s fair to say I have boot camped my way around the world in locations from Bondi Beach Sydney to St Kilda Melbourne to Military Fitness in locations all over the UK. Along the way I’ve met an amazing community of like minded individuals who have inspired & helped me to develop the vision of Cirkiit. I am truly grateful to the trainers and coaches along my journey for the continued support and guidance

During My 20+ years in the fashion textiles industry prior to launching Cirkiit, I’ve worked in various creative buying roles, developing and sourcing fashion & textiles for major high street multiples and lifestyle brands. My career has taken me all around the world. The industry is so culturally diverse and I have had the privilege of working not only along side some of the most talented and creative people but living and working in countries such as Sri Lanka India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia & Thailand to name just a few. As such, I think it’s perfectly fitting to combine my passion for textiles and fashion with lifestyle fitness.

But where does the name Cirkiit come from?

The idea behind the name Cirkiit is of course a playful twist on the word circuit and cirkiit training covers a multitude of high intensity cross fitness platforms. The Cirkiit logo idea is based on electrical circuitry symbolism. Quite fitting I thought in terms of what electricity represents in our lives; Power, Energy, & Fuel. As you now know, “Cirkiits” are my go to form of fitness training that I have benefited from hugely over the years. My goal and dream is that one day the Cirkiit logo will be as recognisable as other top lifestyle fitness brands we know and love today. Just as my drive to continue improve my own personal fitness, I believe that building Cirkiit is part of my journey and one that I hope you will join me on as well.